One More New Beginning Before the Next

Jen, Blogger/Musician/Avon Rep/Foodie
Jen, Blogger/Musician/Avon Rep/Foodie

Well, here I am, starting a blog so that I can share all the thoughts and inspirations I have on a daily basis. Yet, I can’t think of a single thing to say. Story of my life.

It’s not that I don’t have things to say. I actually talk a lot. Just ask my husband. The problem is that I have so MUCH to say, it’s hard for me to organize my thoughts in a useful, efficient way. So that’s one goal I have with this blog, to share all of the inspiring and motivating life experiences I am blessed with in a way that can be useful.

The name of my blog, Basically Complete, sort of touches on this habit of mine. I can hardly capture the essence of one big idea before I’m on to the next. Some may call this a hint of ADHD. My third grade teacher did. My mom put a halt on that real quick. I remember watching from the hallway outside my classroom, through that skinny vertical window, wondering if my teacher was going to have to copy rules over and over on notebook paper and stay in the classroom thinking about what she’d done.

The minimal knowledge I have with a bachelor of arts in psychology tells me that ADHD is real. I just do not have it. I finish plenty of tasks. I just put off the ones I’m less excited about. I personally call that human nature. So, to get back to the explanation of my blog name, Basically Complete. I chose this title because I feel that it clearly represents where I’m at in my life. At 31 (turning 32 in May), I have been married for almost six years, am self-employed doing my dream job (or one of them), and balancing other part-time endeavors to pay the bills. I’m attempting to maintain a fitness routine, eat healthy most of the time, and prioritize effectively. So on any given day, if asked if I’ve mastered any one of these roles or responsibilities, my response would be, basically.

I have come to realize (and accept, mostly) that I will never be perfect at any of these. I will never be on time to EVERYTHING the way my husband would prefer. I’ll never feel that I’m as skilled as I can be as a musician (the dream job, most days), and I’ll never make “enough” money. I’ll never be on the cover of a fitness magazine or be a person who loves exercising (like my sister and business partner). And thanks to my unequivocal love of food, I’ll never be a “clean eater.”

What I have found is that a happy life isn’t about being perfect. It’s about balance. Finding that balance can be hard. I have realized that motivation is at the heart of balance. At least for me. So, I plan to use this blog to share those things that inspire me, the things that motivate me to keep striving for balance, and keep me on the right path in that direction.

I hope that some of the things I share will inspire y’all (I’m from South Carolina. So I say “y’all.”). After all, part of living a balanced life is connecting with others. I hope you’ll take the quite beautiful, sometimes very wobbly, journey with me!